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Dec 5, 2018

Topic - Dogs And Sex Appeal

Did you know that your dog can increase your sex appeal? A study done by a London match making company asked which group of pet owners they preferred and by a seven to two margin, they chose dog owners. The difference was due to personality. Dog owners are regarded as being more sociable and energetic and cats, well, people think they’re selfish and aloof. More than half of the people polled think that a pet owner will be a good roommate because it means they’re nurturing. Dog lovers tend to like each other more and said that they would end a relationship if their love-interest didn’t get along with their furry friends. Cat lovers took offense at the results and there’s been a bit of a snarky battle going on since the release of the study. Cat lovers shot back by saying that they smell better, aren’t needy like dog people, are smart, more patient and independent. It’s always something, isn’t it?