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Nov 29, 2018

Topic - On Meds, ADHD Drivers Are Safe

If you have ADHD and aren’t medically treated for it, you’re more likely to have a major accident than those drivers with ADHD who are taking their medications.  If Sam forgets to take his meds, his level of alertness is compromised.  He’s more likely to run a stop sign or red light, speed, change lanes without signaling or engage in other reckless or distracted driving all leading to a fifty percent higher rate of serious accidents than other drivers.  Researchers found that male ADHD sufferers who filled their prescriptions were thirty-eight percent less likely to have an accident.  Females forty-two percent less likely.  A whopping two point three million people with ADHD were studied.  Simply filling the prescription doesn’t guarantee that Sam actually took it.  Skipping a day could result in tragedy. Encourage him to take his meds daily if he’ll be driving.  He just can’t live with the consequences.