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Nov 26, 2018

Topic - Couples Without Children Are Judged Harshly

We fear what we don’t understand.  We fear things that are different.  We’re afraid of things we just can’t make sense of such as those couples who are able to have children, but choose not to.  We actually scorn them. We also feel anger, disapproval and even disgust.  We think it’s morally wrong and unnatural.  Unlike other situations, we feel free to make our feelings and opinions known and even discriminate against those who’ve made this very personal choice.  Could it be that having people around us who decide to be childless actually scare us?  Just who are these people and how did this come to be? My friends and colleagues who’ve decided against parenthood have done so to avoid passing down a violent alcoholic father’s genes or a mother’s severe mental illness.  Some have disabled siblings they’ll have to care for later in life.  For whatever reason, accept and move on.