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Nov 23, 2018

Topic - The Dogs Decide

No surprise that ninety-four percent of dog owners consider their pets to be family, but are you aware that your dog might influence your relationships? Fifty-four percent of dog owners would consider breaking up with their lover if Fido didn’t get along with them.  Two-thirds report taking more pictures of Fido than their significant other and half said they’d rather leave the lover for a week than their dog!  Dog lovers are deeply concerned about their pets’ happiness.  Just look at the rise in high-quality dog food advertisements!  Dogs are included in many wedding ceremonies and custody cases.  Out of the fifty-four million households with dogs, many of their owners say hello to their furry friends before talking to anyone else.  Lower stress, enhanced self-esteem and greater levels of physical activity are some of the benefits of having a dog.  Get a dog.  Get a rescued dog!  Be happier and healthier!