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Nov 22, 2018

Topic - Soda Speeds Brain Aging

When you drink soda, you’re more likely to have a poor memory, a smaller brain and a smaller hippocampus which is the part of the brain that’s important for memory and learning.  These are also factors for developing Alzheimer’s.  Not worth it, is it?  If you substitute diet soda, you’re three times as likely to develop a stroke and dementia.  So not worth it.  These conditions occur together, but so far, we’re not sure if the soda actually causes the problems.  Still, not worth taking the chance.  What about the numbers?  Well, the research says you’re at risk if you have two sugary drinks a day like fruit juice or soda or three sodas a week.  Interestingly, sugary drinks are not associated with stroke and dementia, but diet drinks are!  Since those with diabetes drink diet sodas to limit their sugar intake, they may be at greater risk than others.  A glass of water may not be a bad idea.