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Nov 21, 2018

Topic - Long Hours Of Screen Time May Not Be Bad

I bought my first and only new car in 1977 and then, a study came out announcing that the “new car” smell was the off-gassing of plastic and other materials that could give me cancer.  We hear all sorts of conflicting studies about, well, everything.  We can’t seem to trust any information.  Just recently, I read a study that says that long hours of screen time may not be bad for kids.  They actually may NOT have a higher risk of depression from spending endless hours playing video games or searching the net.  Six hours may seem like a lot, but most kids are able to recover.  Negative outcomes were small and mostly affected boys.  The study indicated that screen time wasn’t associated with delinquent behavior, reckless driving, substance abuse, eating disorders, sexual acting out or depression.  More industries are dependent on digital experts and these kids may just be training for a future job.