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Nov 20, 2018

Topic - Different Persona, Different Social Media

It’s a good bet that you act differently in church than you do at a ball game. In fact, we act differently from one set of people to the next.  If we’re in the presence of authority figures or those with high status, we’re likely to behave differently than if we’re with friends.  Online, it’s the same story.  We seem to present ourselves in ways that are appropriate for the site.  We give our best serious business persona on LinkedIn, but a more casual and perhaps, even naughty, presentation on other sites.  Women typically don’t wear glasses in profile pictures.  Those over 25 smile and those younger, don’t.  You’ve heard that smiling improves your “face value”, right?  While we don’t intentionally tailor our presentations after others, we still create a somewhat stereotypical profile for our age and gender.  We just want to be “part of the herd”!