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Nov 15, 2018

Topic - Ear Wax

Don’t try to dig ear wax out. It’s very valuable and designed to protect the ear drum and canal by trapping dirt and intruders. The wax will make its way out and if it doesn’t, you’ll know. Go to a doctor. There are two types of ear wax, wet and dry. The wet wax is brown and moist and is seen in African Americans and Europeans. The dry type is gray, flakey and is seen in Native Americans and Asians. The dry type is used by anthropologists to track migratory patterns of humans. Did you know that in 2010, when injuries related to using Q-Tip stopped being counted, there were thirteen thousand emergency room visits related to using them? A whopping 77% of the injuries were self-inflicted by kids. Put away the Q-Tips. If you don’t, permanent injury can be the result. Hearing loss, balance problems and facial nerve paralysis among them. Be smart.