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Nov 14, 2018

Topic - Valuing the Glimmer

Millions of dollars of costume jewelry and that with precious stones and metals are sold every year. What’s the attraction? It all goes back to ancient man. We learned that when “something” sparkled in the distance, it was usually a body of water. Depending on where we lived, water was either plentiful or scarce, but always necessary. Jewelry isn’t necessary, but desired. As humans, once our basic needs are met, we move on to valuing the things we desire. We often don’t understand what others desire, cars, big homes, boats, but that’s not up to us. If we value volunteering and giving to others, we might think of ourselves as somehow being superior or higher on the ladder of moral authority. Thoughtfully consider the things you value and avoid judging others based on their choices. Life is a team sport, we all play our positions. It’s nature’s way to balance all things. Just a thought.