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Nov 9, 2018

Topic - Why Is It Hard To Get Rid Of Garlic Breath

Even if you brush your teeth, you can taste the garlic and others can smell it for a full day later.  Minced or crushed garlic releases four volatile sulfur compounds.  These compounds come from bacteria in the mouth which create bad smelling gases that evaporate and spread easily.  One specific element of the compound takes longer to metabolize and so, it lingers, and is absorbed into the bloodstream, becoming vaporized while going through the lungs.  The bad breath is coming from your lungs, but started in your mouth.  Ah ha, a mystery of life solved!  You can’t brush your lungs or swish them with mouth wash.  We learned about this in 1936, believe it or not.  To minimize the odor, chew on an apple or raw mint after a garlicky meal.  Eating parsley or drinking milk with the meal will help as will green tea and lemon juice.  Brush and floss your teeth to remove the small bits.  Good luck out there!