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Nov 8, 2018

Topic - Designed To Be Adorable

A few things in this world are designed to be adorable.  Puppies, kittens, baby things of all kinds, including our own babies have an adorable element to them that makes them irresistible even if you don’t want one of your own.  Being adorable enhances survival.  What’s this all about?  It seems that we humans have a preference for cuteness which helped species such as dogs survive.  Dogs and humans have been living together for about seventeen thousand years and the reason may be that when puppies are weaning and are most vulnerable, at about four to eight weeks, they’re also at a peak of cuteness.  They attracted human help and so they survived to pass along their cuteness gene.  And yes, kids love puppies and we keep getting them puppies despite knowing how tough it will be for a while, just like having those kids.  Kids and puppies know how to use their wiles to get what they want.