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Nov 6, 2018

Topic - The Truth About Zits

Teenagers.  Acne can have a serious impact on their emotional well-being and social standing.  They have so much to deal with; let’s help them to control the controllable.  There are lots of theories about the cause of acne and how to prevent it.  Some think it’s caused by diet, others think it’s caused by hygiene, but the reality is more complicated.  It’s all about bacteria.  The same bacteria that causes outbreaks can also, in some circumstances, quash those zits.  Researchers are exploring creating treatments using those same bacteria.  Until then, the best approach is to keep the hair around the face clean and pulled away or cut.  The oils from hair make their way down to the forehead.  Encourage your teen to keep their hands off their face which spreads the bacteria.  Take them to a dermatologist who may recommend antibiotics and therapeutic facials to control the outbreaks.