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Nov 5, 2018

Topic - Antipsychotics And The Elderly

Investigators studied antipsychotic prescriptions filled from two thousand six to two thousand ten.  Despite not having a mental health diagnosis, people in their 80’s were given antipsychotics twice as often as people in their 60’s.  People in their eighties can demonstrate behaviors that can be mistaken for psychosis, but are really related to normal aging and likely, depression.  Antipsychotic medications are extremely powerful and have serious side effects, many of which may cause a domino effect and the ultimate decline in health.  The geriatric, like the pediatric population, have unique needs.  If your aging parents need medical care, consider a geriatric specialist to avoid complications due to ignorance of these unique needs.  Psychiatrists specializing in the elderly should be the only doctor prescribing these types of medications.