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Apr 27, 2018

Topic - Kitchen Counter Weight

This is amazing.  Researchers studied pictures of two hundred American kitchens and compared them to the weight of the women who lived in the home. 

Women who had breakfast cereal sitting on their counters weighed about twenty pounds more than those who didn’t. 

Women with soft drinks sitting out weighed a whopping twenty-four to twenty six pounds more. 

But, in kitchens with visible fruit bowls, women weighed about thirteen pounds less than women from kitchens without fruit bowls. 

What do you think is going on here? 

When we’re hungry, we reach for whatever is in sight.  If you eat one hundred calories more than you burn every day, you’ll gain a pound every month. 

We buy cookies and delude ourselves into thinking we won’t eat them, but we do. 

Be smart; if it’s in the house, make sure there’s time for you to think before you can get to it.  If it’s on the counter, it’s too easy.