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Apr 26, 2018

Topic - Dyslexia and Early Achievement

During twenty four years of private practice, I saw a persistent pattern of serious reading deficits that began in kindergarten or first grade that were ignored by teachers and parents alike. 

“Oh, he needs more time” and “She’ll catch up; just wait”. 

No, she won’t, she has dyslexia. 

School districts will tell you that “Dyslexia is just another reading problem”. 

Ding, ding, ding.  No it isn’t. 

It’s a discrete neurological disorder that can be seen in the brain. 

Those with dyslexia have early reading problems and they just don’t pick up speed as they move along through school. 

Their reading achievement lags behind throughout their educational career.  This also means that their written expression is also likely to lag. 

Go ahead, try to get a job and function as an adult if you’re illiterate because of dyslexia. 

Early assessment and intervention is critical. Don’t be convinced your kids will outgrow it.  They won’t.