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Mar 29, 2018

Topic - New Brain Disorders of The Digital Age


Everything has a price.  Our digital age has brought with it five new brain disorders. 

Nomophobia is the feeling of panic you get when you’re separated from your phone. 

Technoference is the disruption in relationships, leisure time and even meals that digital devices cause.  This interference leads to lower life satisfaction. 

The phantom ring is where you hear your phone ringing even when it’s not.  It might be caused by your clothing rubbing against your skin and creating the feeling of a phone vibrating in your pocket. 

Cyberchondria refers to people who diagnose themselves from internet information. 

The Truman Show Delusion reflects the story line of the movie, The Truman Show, where poor Truman’s life was being watched by everyone.  

It’s the result of being overly connected, obsessed with reality-TV and social media.  These tools can be very valuable, but be aware of the risks.