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Mar 28, 2018

Topic - Marijuana and Social - Economic Problems

Regular, long-term marijuana smokers are at greater risk for economic and social problems at midlife than those who use it occasionally. 

The longer they smoke, the more problems they’re likely to have. 

It wasn’t proven that pot causes the problems, only that they’re associated. 

The smokers behaved in antisocial ways at work.  They lied, got into fights with co-workers and had conflicts with family and friends. 

Heavy smokers ended up in a “lower class” than their parents.  Those who didn’t smoke ended up in a higher class. 

Cannabis and alcohol dependence were linked equally with antisocial behavior and relationship problems. 

Pot is more strongly linked to financial issues than alcohol, but alcohol is much worse for your health than heavy marijuana use. 

Obviously, both alcohol and marijuana have serious impacts on a lifelong basis. 

Be informed.  Educate your children for a healthier life.