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Oct 29, 2015

Topic - Debt.  The average American household credit card debt is $16,000.  

That’s a total of $883 BILLION nationwide!  

Online shopping has had a serious impact on our slide into debt oblivion.  

When we spend cash and hand it over to a clerk, we get an uncomfortable physical reaction.  Online, it’s just so easy to order and pay by credit card.  

Before you shop online or in stores, make a list and stick to it.  Put a “savings goal” note on your monitor.  Prioritize what you need.  

Advertisers want you to go for the “vices” which give you immediate gratification.  A “virtue” purchase may be costlier now, but saves you in the long run.  

Advertising agencies know how to get our money.  Don’t let them.  Outsmart them with deliberate buying.  

You’ll be the one living in scarcity in your golden years because you bought all of their trinkets.  They’ll be living the life of plenty.