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Oct 27, 2015

Topic - Getting Stopped By A Cop.  When Jeff starts driving, teach him what to do when he’s stopped by the police.  

Review the sequence of events from both the driver’s and the cop’s perspective.  Tell Jeff how dangerous it is for police officers to stop cars.  

It’s likely he’ll be stopped for speeding.  Let him know he needs to hold his hands up with his keys dangling so the officer knows he won’t flee.  

Teach him that he needs to be respectful, not defend himself, don’t ask questions, sign and accept the ticket.  His guilt or innocence will be determined later.  

Jeff should tell the officer where his license, proof of insurance and registration is located and ask permission to get it.  He’s not to respond if the officer provokes him.  

He and his passengers are to get out of the car immediately if asked.  Respectfully ask for a business card so he can show you.  

A sure way to get arrested is by not following the directions and being disrespectful.  

Create an agreement about your expectations.  Be prepared.  Good luck out there.