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Jun 29, 2018

Topic - Autism and Anxiety

Anxiety is a serious problem for those on the autistic spectrum. 

Don’t dismiss it by saying, “Oh it’s just part of autism”. 

Anxiety undermines even the most effective treatments and makes life miserable for them. 

Just as any other child, they’re experiencing developmental periods...

Jun 28, 2018

Topic - 708 Every Year

Every year, during June, July and August, seven hundred eight kids under the age of fourteen drown in their backyard pools. 

Completely preventable.

There are two times in life when you’re vulnerable to drowning-when you’re younger than five years and when you’re between fifteen and...

Jun 27, 2018

Topic - Sleeping Together

Before the eighteen hundreds, family members all slept together.  

Small homes and inadequate heat during winter made us huddle together. Our sleep patterns were different then because most people were farmers. 

In the mid-to-late eighteen hundreds, strict Victorian modesty and ideas of...

Jun 26, 2018

Topic - Complaining Rewires Your Brain

Complaining causes depression and anxiety.  Why? 

Because the more you complain, the more you wire your brain to complain even more.  Here’s the story. 

When you do something, brain cells fire in a certain sequence.  If you’re doing something for the first time, that sequence...

Jun 25, 2018

Topic - Women Need More Sleep

Women need more sleep than men.  What?  Like that’s news to us? 

As it turns out, we use our brains more everyday than men and the more you use your brain, the more sleep you need. 

Again, we know this.  Even when men have complex jobs filled with decision-making and responsibility, they...