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Nov 24, 2015

Topic - Obesity and Anorexia Similarities.  As it turns out, the same areas of the brain are involved in those people who eat too little and those who eat too much!  

A research study revealed that these areas of the brain are sluggish in those people who eat too little and are hyperactive in those who eat too much....

Nov 23, 2015

Topic - Eating Disorders and Mortality.  Eating disorders have the highest death rates of any mental disorders because of suicide and medical complications.

Yes, eating disorders have to be taken seriously. Males and females with anorexia nervosa obsess over their weight, have irrational fears of gaining weight and have...

Nov 20, 2015

Topic - Money Thoughts.  You know that money has a powerful impact on your behavior.

But, you may not know that just thinking about money causes you to be selfish and makes you less likely to help others.

Just the presence of subtle clues about money such as a poster with photos of cash on it, impairs your ability to...

Nov 19, 2015

Topic - Earliest Chocoholics.  The first chocoholics, around 1100 BC, were tinkering around with cacao to get a bit of a buzz.

3000 year old pottery shards found in Honduras had traces of a chemical found in cocoa, known as the “food of the gods”.

A wine-like drink was made by fermenting the pulp of the chocolate...

Nov 18, 2015

Topic - Brain Damage Healing.  You’ve heard of those people who can suddenly play the piano, speak another language or have artistic skills they didn’t have before.

These savant skills can be the result of damage, yes, damage to the front left side of the brain.  

An experiment using magnetic pulses to zap this part...