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Nov 28, 2014

Topic - Irate Kids.  Have you ever seen a cop handle irate people?  The cop gives simple and clear directions with a “voice of authority”. He doesn’t explain, console or attempt to reason with the person who’s out of control.  The cop simply says, “Put your hands on the hood, sir.  Put your hands on the hood,...

Nov 27, 2014

Topic - Catastrophic Thinking.  “I’m stupid.  I’m a failure.  Nothing works out.  I won’t get into college.  I won’t graduate and get a job.  I’ll be living out of a box.  Will you let me live in the garage?” 

The all or none kid.   He goes from one extreme to another; you’re exhausted keeping him...

Nov 26, 2014

Topic - Responsible Kids.  Assigning personal, daily and weekly chores helps kids to learn responsibility. 

Because we are dependent on one another, we need to be competent.  Competent people feel secure and confident.  They perceive themselves coping well with challenges. 

Don’t even think about sending your 18 year...

Nov 25, 2014

Topic - Redheads.  Lucille Ball, Willie Nelson, Thomas Jefferson, and Prince Harry.  They’re redheads all! 

Redheads have a reputation for being fiery, just like their hair.  Why is that?  Would you be surprised that there’s a biological basis for their fierceness? 

Their red hair is caused by a mutation in their...

Nov 24, 2014

Topic - Pets and Kids.  Exposure to two or more dogs or cats the first year of life may reduce allergies during childhood. You might get a pet because it’s time for Adam to have one, but you know that the care of this animal will ultimately fall on you, Mom and Dad. 

Safety is always the first concern.  Other...