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Jun 20, 2018

Topic - Rescuing Your Kid

Your 13 year old is at his friend’s house.  The friend wants to break into the liquor cabinet and get drunk.  Your kid wants out of this. 

Give him an easy way out.  Have this plan. 

He pretends he got a text from you and sends you the emergency code.  You see the code and call him. 

He knows...

Jun 19, 2018

Topic - Pornography Distorts The Sexual Experience

The impact of pornography on teen brains is unknown, but we know that the average age of first exposure to it is between 11 and 12. 

It’s dangerous because there’s no social judgment or emotional connection. 

It’s selfish and requires no consideration of others. ...

Jun 18, 2018

Topic - Ideas For Summer Activities

Every year, it’s the same story.  The school year is hard enough, but what ideas can we come up with for summer? 

Today’s kids have to have something to do otherwise they sit in front of computer games and that’s not good. 

Decades ago, kids were told to “go outside and...